Wednesday, March 31, 2004

To Do 

My boss writes a to do list for himself every morning when he gets to work and meticulously completes each item by the end of the day. I on the other hand go in each morning and pray I don't forget any of the million things I've told myself needed to get done the day before. I guess that's part of why we make such a good team. He's the technical one, the one who knows the rules so well that they bend for him, he's a perfectionist that can at times be impatient but I can always count on him to make sure everything is done and that it's done right. I'm the innovator and the sympathiser, I've spent whole days playing with and making spreadsheets that I'll probably never use, but that's ok, cause Gary (above mentioned boss) will use them. I'm the one that comes to the team members with the gentle reminders of things they shouldn't be doing,or should be doing better..."Now Jack, (name changed to protect the...well, I don't know if they're innocent or not, I've never asked) you can't put your headset down and walk away while you have someone on the phone, I know you're stressed out but we pay you to talk to them." All said with a reassuring but totally non-sexual harrasing pat on the arm.

So, with all that in mind I thought I might try a to do list of my own so here goes:

1. Get into City of Heroes Beta- I am so jazzed about this superhero roleplaying game, I check my email constantly to see if my Beta invitation is there.

2. Finish training my new Team Lead- She's doing a good job so far, just have to make sure she's ready for her first night alone on the floor this Saturday

3. Get my car back- Said car is currently in the transmission shop. It's fixed mind you, but I have to give them another 300 before I can have my car back. At least they haven't sold it.

4. Do something nice for the supervisors- Every time the supervisors in other groups at my office have food, they invite me. I need to make something like a cake for them, probably Orange Crush cake.

5. Finish: Final Fantasy X,Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy IX (yes, it's a lower priority than 10 even though it's been out longer) Dark Cloud, Grand Theft Auto, Freelancer, Neverwinter Nights- Ok so I'm a little behind on my non-continual games.

6. Go see Prince- Biloxi, May, Floor tickets...life is good

7. Sew- I made a dress. I enjoyed it. It was actually cheaper to sew the dress than it would have been to buy it at a store. This is a nice way for me to perk up my wardrobe a bit and make it a little more girly then, maybe I can.....

8. Get a date- I work in an office of around a thousand employees, none of them dating material. Well, the ones that are are taken. I need to go shopping in revealing tops more often.

9. Finish Phred's and my top secret Christmas project- Not allowed to say any more on that one, sorry.

10. Write- other than my sporadic ravings here, I haven't written anything in years and I'm afraid I'm getting rusty. I have stories kicking around in my head trying to get out, but I just never seem to have the time to set them down on paper.

11. Go back to school- This is that thing. That thing I keep putting off...my hours are bad for goiong to school, I don't have the money, I'm not ready to commit. I have got to stop with the copouts and just go back to school. But I must solve the major dilemma of the major. I'm looking at two right now and if you're lucky, I'll remember to discuss it on these pages next time, but you see how that's going with the promised topics.

Friday, March 05, 2004

I forgot what I was going to post about next. 

So, of course I'm not going to talk about what I said I would last time, get used to it. I'm having one of those I want a healthy lifestyle but I don't have the time moments. In order to get in my dose of gaming, and excercise, I did what comes naturally to me....Dance Dance Revolution (or step step revolution in Phred's words). It's an addictive game, and it burns calories. We'll see how long that lasts before I get distracted again.

I'm happy, new seasons of most of my favorite tv shows are on the horizon. I think I'm most looking forward to Six Feet Under starting back up again, the wait has seemed eternal.

Off for some Everquest now, I'll try to get back to you all soon.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Scent of a Gamer 

Ok, I know I was supposed to talk about how I rose up out of my own GG-dom to become the moderately socialized creature of the real world. I was ready to relate the tale of my days in high school and jr. high school convinced that an evil wizard was coming to Florida.....just for me and my friends....because we were powerful. I knew this because the Ouija board told us and everyone knows that no one ever pushes them. We're not going to talk about that now though.

I went to the comic book store. That in itself is actually a pretty regular thing. Some of my comic books are on a writing upswing, rekindling my love for the genre, so I am once again hitting the store on a bi-weekly basis. My comic book store used to be a nice, clean, well-lit, and altogether pleasant enough place. Then, they opened it up to evening gaming.

They were all over the place, the card gamers, the miniature gamers; no D&D or live action though. Coming in just past the front door it hit me like a wall. A wall of stench! It was bad. Really, really bad. The miniature gamers were spread out with boards over the back issue boxes, to my ongoing chagrin, and the card gamers were holed up on the floor by the new issue racks.

My dilemma lay with getting to the new issue racks. It is customary to at least pick up the latest issue of X-men to see if it still sucks as bad as it has over the last few years. (It does, but here's hoping for some improvement on the horizon) The smell was at it's worst in the back. Phred (you'll get to know him well if you stick around, he's like my husband but without the sex, the ring, or the tax break) had to make for some fresh air as dinner threatened a return. I clammed up, willed the sinuses closed as I made my purchases and joined my Phred in the clean outdoors.

I hate the fact that my first two posts are complaining about my fellow gamers, but I guess I set myself up for it with my title. It just makes me sad and a little hopeless. I'd like to settle down with a nice guy that games, video games, role-playing games, card games....heck I'll even take a nice guy that plays live action Vampire for a deity's sake but please! bathe. It's a simple request, but it is the first step to overcoming the antisocial tendencies of being a GG. I think tomorrow if I don't get distracted I'll talk about what games I actually play. So now you can spend all day thinking about that and I'll have something else to talk about by the time I get to my computer.

On a side note, I'm a little proud tonight, I used real html to make my bold italics and that little line between my first two paragraphs. Now you know why my email address is an AOL account :-).

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