Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Midterms Are Over 

It is with great relief that we put the midterm elections behind us. I'm thankful that I will no longer be subjected to "So and so is a dirty liberal and a tax dodger" and "So and so is an even bigger, dirtier liberal and he's the real tax dodger." The ads have been ugly and the issues heated.

In the good news, the democrats have taken a majority of the wins for senate and house races. In the bad news, 7 out of 8 states have banned gay marriage. Arizona was the sole dissenter, rejecting a proposed gay marriage bill 66% to 34%. The gap was narrowed in a few states so there are signs of progress, as long as you don't look at Tennessee.... let's look at Tennessee...

81% for the ban
19% against

South Carolina wasn't far behind their redneck cousins passing their bill with a 78% majority. The other offenders on the list with results are as follows:

State: For: Against:
Colorado 53% 47%
Idaho 63% 37%
South Dakota 52% 48%
Virginia 57% 43%
Wisconsin 59% 41%

Think you're safe if you're straight? The Virginia ban will also affect the rights of heterosexual couples who are unmarried, removing such things like the classification of domestic violence. Girlfriend beaters rejoice!

Well, I know where not to spend my vacation time now....

But in world shattering other news....

It was recently released that Britney Spears is fililng for divorce from notorious rapper K-fed. How did the soon to be ex find out about the divorce? A text message from the oh so couth wife while he was in the middle of a television interview piece. Ah such class the wealthy display...

sorry Pete

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