Friday, February 27, 2004

I want to open up with the fact that I suck at introductions. I always devolve into rambling out the same tired statistics that define a person to strangers. 30, female, single, interests are blah blah blah blah blah. So rather than continue on as such I'll relate a story. It's recent and it in essence captures the spirit of all that irritates me.

I have a friend. That alone should seem amazing, but hey,she's a long distance friend. She gets on the computer and tells me there's trouble at home. Her best friend and roommate has been seeing a guy in a pseudo-dating type relationship. (note for clarity sake her best friend is her roommate, I'm not going to start this thing with a love triangle). The guy had a stroke. Yeah it was a minor stroke and yeah he'll get back 98% of his facilities, but a stroke strikes me as a serious thing. (forgive the str alliteration, I'm horrible about it). The roommate/kindagirlfriend is spending all her free time there at the hospital with the guy to be supportive. My friend is upset because her roommate should be at home with her because her life is chaotic (she's trying to go back to college) and she has a cold.

Yes, a cold.

This is the essence of what my circle has dubbed the GG. The initials originally stood for Gamer Girl. They were those girls at the Sci-Fi conventions, you know the ones. They wear nothing but crushed velvet and have to play Toreadors in the live action Vampire game. They write those bad fan fics with themselves as the main characters who all somehow manage to win the heart of Legolas. They have some bizarre allergy or ailment that they never fail to mention during every conversation, and every drug known to man has the exact opposite effect on them than on everyone else. They have 20 cats ALL named after Greek goddesses and when those run out, they move on to Egyptian and Sumerian ones.

That's not to say that every female Mercedes Lackey reader is a GG. The term is reserved for those who never developed adult social skills because they find themselves and their winged unicorn collections infinitely more interesting than anyone else on the planet. The term has in recent months been expanded to include guys Gamer Guys, but enough has been said about them a la William Shatner's all too famous "Get a Life"

Enough rambling for now, the introduction is out of the way, next post I will detail my own narrow escape from the GG lifestyle.

The Myshinator

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